Tooltip style for balloon tool tips


  • entriesGap

    The (vertical) gap between the entries

    number | null
  • headlineFont

    The font style for the headline (if there is any)

    FontStyle | null
  • headlineMarginBottom

    The gap between the headline and the entries

    number | null
  • labelWidth

    The max width of the label (without symbol, paddings, margins...)

    number | null
  • symbolLabelGap

    The gap between the symbol and the label

    number | null
  • symbolSizes

    The (max) sizes of the symbols. Depending on the context these sizes are interpreted differently. Usually, the sizes are applied using modulo.

    Size[] | null
  • tooltipBoxStyle

    The style for the balloon tooltip

    BoxStyle | null
  • tooltipFont

    The font to be used for the tooltips

    FontStyle | null
  • tooltipFormat

    The format to be used for values of the tooltips