Defines how a category axis looks like and behaves


  • axisLineColor

    The color of the axis line

    string | null
  • axisLineWidth

    The width of the axis line

    number | null
  • axisSide

    The side on which to put the axis

    Side | null
  • axisSize

    The width of the axis (if placed on the left or right side of a chart) or the height of the axis (if placed on the top or bottom side of a chart)

    number | null
  • iconSize

    The size of a category icon

    number | null
  • justifyTickContent

    Determines how labels and icons associated with a tick are laid out

  • minTickLabelDistance

    The minimum distance (in pixels) between two tick labels or tick icons

    number | null
  • tickFont

    The font to be used for the ticks

    FontStyle | null
  • tickLabelColor

    The color to be used for the tick labels

    string | null
  • tickLabelGap

    The gap between the end of an axis ticks and its label

    number | null
  • tickLength

    The length of a tick

    number | null
  • title

    The title of the axis

    string | null
  • titleColor

    The color of the axis title

    string | null
  • titleFont

    The font of the axis title

    FontStyle | null
  • titleGap

    The space that is added to the width (vertical axis) or height (horizontal axis) of the text box of the title

    number | null