• aggregationMode

    How values are aggregated when the plotter is zoomed out

  • id

    The id of the data series

  • name

    The name of the data series

  • statusEnumConfiguration

    The status enum configuration - if there is one.

  • stripeLabelFont

    The font to be used for a stripe-label

    FontStyle | null
  • stripeSegmentSeparatorColor

    The color that is used to separate the segments from each other

    string | null
  • stripeSegmentSeparatorWidth

    The width of the separator between two segments

    number | null
  • stripeStyles

    Defines the stripe styles for the ordinals of the discrete data series. The index within the array corresponds to the ordinal value If null is provided within the array, a default fill will be used.

    (StripeStyle | null)[] | null