The settings for the history


  • downSamplingMode

    The down sampling mode. Default: [DownSamplingMode.Automatic].

  • durationBetweenSamples

    The expected time between two consecutive samples.

    number | null
  • guaranteedHistoryLength

    The history guarantees to store samples for at least this length (in seconds) at [durationBetweenSamples].

  • minGapSizeFactor

    This factor is used to calculate the minimal distance between two data points that will be interpreted as gap. The minimal gap distance ist calculated by multiplying [durationBetweenSamples] with the given factor. If the distance between two data points is smaller than the minimal gap distance, the two data points are connected by a line. If the distance is larger, it is assumed that there is a gap and the data points are not connected. Suggested value range: around 3.0 - 7.0.

    number | null