Display a heading on a compass along with the latitude and longitude.

Example of the Compass

Basic Implementation

To render the compass, you first have to set up a container in your HTML.

<div id="compass"></div>

Next in your script file, you need to import the meistercharts package and create a new instance of the compass.

const meistercharts = require('@meistercharts/meistercharts/meistercharts-easy-api')

const chart = meistercharts.createCompassFromId('compass')

This will render an empty compass with the default styles.

Add data to the chart

To add data to the compass, you need to call the setData- function on the chart instance with your data.

  currentValue: 15,
  labelLatitude: '48°24\'49.7" N',
  labelLongitude: '9°03\'03.0" E'

The setData- function will accept an object of the type CompassData.

Customize the chart style

You can customize how the chart looks by calling the setStyle- function on the chart instance.

  barWidth: 25,
  valueRange: {
    start: 0,
    end: 60
  // ...

The setStyle function accepts an object of the type CompassStyle.